General Questions

What does AminoAcids.com offer?

AminoAcids.com provides Free Amino Acid, Peptide/Protein Hydrolyzed Amino Acid, B Vitamin, Lipid, Fatty Acid, and Cholesterol Analysis for the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as many academic institutions.

Is AminoAcids.com accredited?

AminoAcids.com is a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) accredited testing laboratory. This accreditation qualifies AminoAcods.com to provide clinical trial testing and diagnostics.

Click here to view our CLIA license.

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days for most requests. We also offer a 5 business day turnaround time at double the cost.

What if I cannot find a particular assay in your testing catalog or on your website?

Ask us. If we cannot provide the assay you require we'll do our best to help you find a testing facility that may accommodate your analytical needs.

What are the methods and detection limits for the assays I request?

The methods and limits of detection or quantification for the analyses you request can be found in the Documents and Test Library section of this website. We make every effort to keep our methods and detection limits up to date according to the latest standards and qualifications. If you have any questions pertaining to detection/quantification or method references please give our QA Director, Megan Malz, a call at 651-489-8939 or email at megan@aminoacids.com

Account Questions

How do I set up an account?

  • Click the Create an Account link on the upper tool bar
  • Fill out the personal details, address and create your password
  • Please subscribe to our newsletter for important updates
  • Read Privacy policy, agree and continue
  • You will receive an email upon account approval
  • At any time during the process feel free to call our Business department at 651-489-8939
If you are a new client, please contact Jeff at jeff@aminoacids.com or 651-489-8939, to get set-up in system.
Sample Submission Questions

How do I submit a sample?

Complete your online shopping cart and print a copy of the order page to send with your samples

Should I provide expected levels if I have them available?

Yes, please provide expected levels when the information is available. This information may be uploaded on any product page to be submitted with your order. Expected levels are used in the lab as a guide for appropriate sample weights and dilution levels. If expected levels are not known or provided, a delay in turnaround time for certain assays and/or additional costs may apply.

How much sample do I submit?

Suggested minimum per test:
  • Amino acid analysis: 1.5mL for liquid or 1 gram for powder samples.
  • Vitamin analysis: 3mL for liquid or 1 gram for powder sample.
  • Lipids/fatty acids/cholesterol: 5mL for liquid or 1 gram for powder samples.

*Please contact us if you cannot meet these requirements at info@aminoacids.com

How should I ship my samples?

Samples should be shipped:
  • We recommend next day shipping for all orders.
  • We recommend shipping B-Vitamin samples in light sensitive packaging.
  • Include a printed copy of your order with the samples.

Where do I ship my samples?

2840 Patton Road
St. Paul, MN 55113

How do I know my samples are received?

Once we have received and logged-in your samples you will receive a Sample Receipt Notification Email. Please review this form to ensure all your sample data (requested assays, storage, method of payment, as well as testing priority) have been entered correctly.

Can I have any remaining sample returned to my attention?

Yes, if you would like your samples sent back to you please provide us a UPS or Fed Ex shipping number.

Analysis Results Questions

How do you report results?

Email is the format for sending results

How long will my sample material and analytical results be kept?

All remaining sample will be retained for 60 days.

Hard copies of your testing results will be kept for 3 years. Your documents will also be accessible on your AminoAcids.com web portal indefinitely.

What if I want a rerun?

If you believe that you need a rerun of your sample please call our Business Director, Jeff Johnson, at 651-489-8939 or email at jeff@aminoacids.com for assistance.

Accounting Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

AminoAcids.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Purchase Orders. Please note, for all new customers wishing to pay by Purchase Order the completion of a credit application is required. All documents can be uploaded via the upload file portal.

Does AminoAcids.com offer discounts?

Please call our Business Director, Jeff Johnson, at 651-489-8939 or email at jeff@aminoacids.com for assistance.

When will I be invoiced for the services I’m requesting?

An invoice for the testing will be generated and emailed/mailed within one week following receipt of the Final Report.